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Entry Doors

At AluminArt, we understand that a door is more than just an entrance into your home. A door adds curb appeal and value to your home, while beautifying both the exterior and interior of your home. That is why we offer one of the most extensive portfolios of door styles, textures and designs in the Canadian marketplace. In addition, we offer our customers an extensive glass selection and multiple hardware options, making AluminArt the best choice when it comes to meeting your entry door needs.

AluminArt understands that quality is important to Canadians which is why AluminArt has partnered with the world leaders in entry door manufacturing to ensure durable, long lasting doors.
Our commitment to quality is evident in our industry-leading warranties.

AluminArt offers three distinct series of entry doors – Marquis, Regal and Design – to satisfy all your entry door requirements.

Marquis Series


The Marquis® entry door series is the premium offering in the Climate entry door portfolio. Elegant design, industry leading technology and the strength and security that is unmatched. The Marquis® entry door program is truly in a class of its own.
The Marquis® entry door features:

  • Textured fiberglass door slabs and sidelite slabs
  • Textured maintenance free composite frame
  • Textured maintenance free exterior brickmould
  • Extensive selection of decorative lites
  • 20 standard colours


Regal Series


The Regal® entry door series provides you unparalleled choice in selecting a door to fit your needs at an affordable price.


The Regal® entry door series is available in either smooth fiberglass or steel door slabs.
The Regal® smooth fiberglass entry door is a high performer with added insulation, resulting in optimal thermal protection and is dent, ding and rot resistant, ensuring long lasting performance.


The Regal® steel entry door is made with 24 gauge steel and features embossed decorative panels that closely replicate the look of a traditional wood door.


Available in a wide variety of panel designs, glass options and colours, the Regal® door program will allow you to beautify and differentiate your home.

The Regal® entry door series feature:

  • Smooth fiberglass or steel door and sidelite slabs
  • Finger jointed pine wood frame with maintenance free vinyl cladding
  • Vinyl cladded exterior wood brickmould
  • Extensive selection of decorative lites


Design Series


The Design® entry door series provides you with incredible value to satisfy your entry door requirements.


A variety of embossed decorative panels and commodity door lites will allow you to design the door that you desire.
The Design® entry door series feature:

  • Steel door and sidelite slabs
  • Commodity door lites
  • Available in white only


Choices and options to customize all of AluminArt’s entry doors can be customized to suit your style and aesthetic requirements. AluminArt’s entry doors can be configured into thousands of potential combinations between our vast selection of door series, styles, configurations, panel designs, glass options, colours and hardware.

Available configurations are:

In addition, transoms are available for any of our doors in rectangular form and geometrical shapes such as a half-round or elliptical.

For additional information on AluminArt’s Entry Doors Download Brochure Here